Administrative Regulations

Administrative Regulations (ARs) are defined as the processes and procedures that ensure the district operates in alignment with district goals, beliefs, and policy. Regulations do not stand in place of Board policy but must be complied with in accordance with policy BP (Local). ARs are developed by Regulation Development Teams which consist of representatives from each professional level of the organization with final approval by Superintendent’s Cabinet.

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A - Basic District Foundations (0)
B - Local Governance
C - Business and Support Services
D - Personnel
E - Instruction
F - Students
G - Community and Governmental Relations

A - Basic District Foundations (0)

B - Local Governance (10)

BP R-1 Administrative Regulations
BQ R-1 District Planning Process
BQ R-2 District and Campus Improvement Plan and Strategy Development
BQ R-3 District and Campus Improvement Plan Strategy Evaluation
BQ R-4 District and Campus Comprehensive Needs Assessment Process
BQ R-5 District Program Evaluation Process
BQ R-6 District Discretionary Program Selection and Evaluation Process
BQA R-1 District Planning and Decision Making-DEIC
BQB R-1 Campus Level Planning and Decision-Making Process (CEIC)
BX R-1 BISD Board Recognition of Students, Departments, Staff or Community

C - Business and Support Services (40)

CAA R-1 Food Purchasing for Staff
CDC R-1 Finance Donations
CDC R-2 Major Gifts
CE R-1 Budget Amendments
CFD R-1 Finance - Sales Tax
CH R-1 Technology Purchases
CH R-3 Purchasing Guidelines
CH R-4 Purchasing-Approved Vendors
CH R-5 Non-Travel Employee Reimbursement
CH R-6 Travel-Student Meals
CH R-7 Purchasing Guidelines Related to Federal and State Notice of Grant Awards
CH R-8 Employee Incentive and Awards
CK R-1 Carnival Rides/Activities (Bounce Houses, Climbing Walls, Motor Powered Riders, etc.)
CLA R-1 Game Security and Crowd Management
CLA R-2 Brazosport ISD Athletic Sport Camps
CLB R-1 Pest Management
CLB R-2 Facilities-Custodial Support
CO R-1 Child Nutrition-Texas Nutrition Guidelines
CO R-2 Child Nutrition-Student/Adult Charge
CO R-3 Food Sales at Extracurricular Events and Festivals
CO R-4 Summer Nutrition Sites
CO R-5 Child Nutrition Catering Services
CO R-6 Food Allergies-Food Substitutions
CO R-7 Child Nutrition Campus Request for Menu Change for Special Campus Events
CO R-8 Child Nutrition-Kitchen Usage/Rental
CQ R-1 Personal Phone Calls
CQ R-2 Password Security
CQ R-3 Technical Support
CQ R-4 Personal Devices
CQ R-5 Records Retention-Email
CQ R-6 Laptop Security
CQ R-7 SchoolMessenger
CQ R-8 Technology Service Level Agreement
CQ R-9 Email Use
CQ R-10 Software Acquisition/Subscription
CQ R-11 Virus Protection
CQ R-12 Web Filter
CS R-1 Facilities-Facility Modification
CS R-2 Maintenance and Operation Services Response
CW R-1 Naming Consideration for Major Gifts

D - Personnel (19)

DAA R-1 Employee with Reasonable Accommodations
DBA R-1 Licensed Specialist in School Psychology Interns & Trainees Employment
DBAA R-1 Employment Requirements and Restrictions: Pre-Employment Reviews
DC R-1 Request for Adding Staff/Position
DC R-3 Employment Advertising and Recruitment
DC R-6 Hiring - Teacher
DC R-7 Hiring - Temporary Support
DEC R-1 Discretionary Leave
DEC R-2 Reporting an Absence
DEC R-3 Leave & Absences
DEE R-1 Employee Travel Guidelines
DFE R-1 Resignation/Release from Employment Contract
DGBA R-1 Informal Employee Complaint/Grievance Process
DH R-1 Employee Documentation & Investigations of Alleged Employee Misconduct
DH R-2 Reporting Improper Communication
DMA R-1 Professional Development Exchange Days
DMA R-2 Professional Learning Requests
DNA R-1 Performance Appraisal Evaluation of Teachers T-TESS
DPB R-1 Substitute Removal

E - Instruction (22)

EEH R-1 General Education Homebound
EF R-1 Instructional Resources - School Libraries
EF R-2 Instruction Resources: Use of Videos/Digital Media in Classroom Instruction
EFA R-1 Instructional Resources: Use of Supplemental Resources in Classroom Instruction
EG R-1 Course Creation and Modification
EH R-1 Curriculum Management
EHAC R-1 Off-Campus Physical Education Procedures
EHB R-1 Dyslexia for Referral Testing
EHBA R-1 Transportation as a Related Service for a Student with Disabilities
EHBA R-2 Special Education Case Management
EHBAF R-1 Video Cameras in Special Education Classrooms
EHBC R-1 At-Risk Entrance and Exit Procedures
EHBD R-1 Guidelines for Federal and State Personnel Documentation
EI R-1 High School Course Averaging
EIA R-1 Academic Grading
EIA R-2 Homework Guidelines
EIA R-3 Non-Numerical Transfer Grades
EIAB R-3 Projects and Long-Term Assignments
EIE R-1 Academic Achievement & High School Grade Level Classification
EIE R-4 Retention Guidelines
EIF R-1 Alternative Graduation Requirements for Non-STAAR Students
EK R-1 Testing Programs: Curriculum Based Assessments and Mock STAAR Testing Procedures

F - Students (33)

FD R-1 Foreign Exchange Students
FD R-2 Brazos Success Academy Enrollment Process
FD R-3 Student Withdrawals
FDC R-1 Homeless Student Identification
FDC R-2 Student Residency Questionnaire
FEA R-1 Administrative Withdrawals
FEB R-1 Alternative Official Attendance-taking Time
FEC R-1 90% Attendance Rule
FED R-1 Attendance Intervention Plan
FFC R-1 Foster Care Identification Process
FFC R-2 Foster Care School of Transportation Process
FFC R-3 Foster Care School of Origin Transportation Process Chart
FFC R-5 McKinney Vento Students Withdrawals
FFEA R-1 Adjustment of Four Year Plans
FFF R-1 Safety-Stranger Danger
FFF R-2 Crisis Communication Process
FFG R-1 Child Abuse and Neglect
FFG R-2 Students Not Collected From School At Dismissal Time
FFH R-1 Title IX Regulations
FFI R-1 Bullying Discipline Process
FJ R-1 Fundraising-Students
FL R-1 Subpoenas
FL R-2 Security of Student Records
FMG R-1 Brazosport ISD Trip Request Form
FMG R-1 School Trips
FNAB R-1 School Student Group, Club or Organizations
FNCF R-1 Students Sent to DAEP for Drug Alcohol Related Offenses
FNF R-1 Voluntary Student Drug Testing
FO R-3 Transitional Services following a DAEP/JJAEP Placement or Student Arrest
FO R-4 Transitional Services - Postvention Student Re-Entry Plan Following Behavioral Hospitalization and/or Suicide Attempt
FOC R-1 DAEP Placement Process Steps
FOD R-1 JJAEP Placement Process

G - Community and Governmental Relations (11)

GB R-1 District and Campus Communication
GB R-2 Gameday Photography & Videography
GBA R-1 Information Compromise
GBBA R-1 Media Communication Regulation
GE R-1 Relations with Parent Organizations
GKB R-1 Distribution of Information Flyer to BISD Students/Parents
GKC R-1 Campus Visitors
GKD R-1 Community Relations - Non-School Use of school Facilities
GKG R-1 Community Relations School Volunteer Program
GRAA R-1 Notification of Arrest
GRAA R-2 Threat Assessment

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