Dual Credit

WHAT is Dual Credit?

Dual credit classes are college courses that high school students can enroll in and earn college credits while satisfying high school graduation requirements. Students can earn dual credit in both academic and/or technical courses during the sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Dual credit will be received upon successful completion of college courses with a minimum grade of “C.”  A grade of “C” or better is required to receive high school credit. Check with the high school or college counselor for more information about credits.  

WHY Dual Credit?
  1. Cost savings…students get a jumpstart on their college education, accelerating time to a college degree AND a high school diploma.

  2. Provides an opportunity for students to transition to college while still having additional support at school and/or home.

  3. Serves as a "controlled" introduction to college life.

Student Eligibility

To be eligible to enroll into the Early College/Dual Credit Program a student must be a high school student, meet minimum passing standards on standardized tests listed below, and have a good record in the following areas:
  • Attendance: The student must not have had excessive absences in the semester previous to the enrollment period. (90% Rule applies(Texas Education Code [TEC], Chapter 25 Rule 092)

  • Discipline: The student must not have had severe discipline problems in the semester previous to the enrollment period. (TEC Chapter 37 Rule 124)

  • Grades: The student must have passed all of his/her classes, including college courses, in the semester previous to the enrollment period.  Any student failing a dual credit class will be placed on automatic probation for the next college session in which they enroll. If during the second session, they fail another class they will be prohibited from enrolling in college classes for one semester. Their enrollment status will be reviewed after the prohibited semester.
When students satisfy the above qualifications they are eligible for the Early College/ Dual Credit Program. Each student must meet admission requirements in order to register for classes at Brazosport College. To find out more information on your high school requirements check out your high school's dual credit page.

Testing Requirements

In order to take academic classes at any public college or university in Texas, students must have either taken or be exempt from the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) test or a state approved alternate test.  Brazosport College uses the state approved alternate test, TSI Assessment.

High School DC Exemptions:

23-Composite Score with a
minimum of:
19-Engl score and/or
19-Math score
 X  X  X
(SAT scores VALID AFTER to March 2016)

 X  X  X
Level 2, score of 4000+
   X  X
*No more than 5yrs.

Students are exempt if they have the following scores:
Exit Level TAKS
2200 ELA with composition score of 3 and/or TAKS 2200 math
SAT EBRW: 480  MATH: 530
PSAT* 50 Critical Reading and/or 50 Math with 107 total of the two
ACT Math and/or English: 19 with composite score of 23
STAAR ENGL II: 4000+   ENGL III: 4000+
*PSAT scores waive testing for one year only, as do sophomore level TAKS scores of 220 ELA and 3 writing sub-score.

If students are taking a technical class, such as welding, computer, electricity, etc., testing may not be required.   Consult your dual credit counselor regarding any testing requirements for these classes.

Withdrawing from Class

Students will not be allowed to withdraw from a college course without special permission from the high school counselor or college counselor. If, for some unforeseen circumstance, a student must withdraw from a college class, he/she must fill-out a Withdrawal form and have it signed by the dual credit counselor before being withdrawn from the course.

Please refer to the Educational Planning Guide for additional information related to Dual Credit.

Please see the Required Postings page for the Dual Credit Agreement.

Contact Us

Brazoswood High School
Dual Credit Counselor:
Lisa Fain
BISD: 979-730-7300 x11244
BC: 979-230-3497
[email protected]

Brazosport High School
Dual Credit Counselor:
Norma Rios
BISD: 979-730-7260 x12661
BC: 979-230-3529
[email protected]

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